About Moemie

Welcome to Moemie, a clothing brand created to make children feel special!

There's enough time to dress like a grown-up later on in life. Children should be able to enjoy their playful, carefree years as much as possible and wear what they feel happiest and most comfortable in. Moemie was created to help them and their loved ones do just that!

Our exclusive designs cater young hearts from 0-5 years and feature a great variety of colours and styles.Bodysuits, jumpsuits, dresses, t-shirts - you name it. Moemie’s creations are suitable for any kind of occasion and, most importantly, they are machine-washable. We also offer a fabulous range of accessories that can be mixed and matched with Moemie items or worn as stand-alone, fun items.

Moemie’s designs are inspired by the fascinating creativity of children, the mesmerizing elements of nature and the dazzling, vibrant colours of the tropics. They have all been hand-made with a lot of love! Unique creations, prime fabrics, meticulous stitching and precision hand-embroidery represent a perfect blend for Moemie's children's clothing: Playful and versatile yet comfortable and safe. All items consist of 100% extra soft ring-spun combed cotton, ensuring greater comfort, excellent durability and minimum shrinkage.

Moemie is part of lifestyle group Multi Culti, S.A, which was founded in Costa Rica in 2011 by nature-lovers and globetrotters. In order to guarantee the highest quality at the most competitive price, production facilities have recently moved to Indonesia. Our collection is available for retail, wholesale and export. Please contact us directly for trade and stocking enquiries.

As a means to support the goals and causes of the communities that help establish and maintain Moemie's brand, all our items are made by very talented yet economically disadvantaged, local tailors whom we believe deserve an opportunity to have less income insecurity and more ownership.

Additionally, part of our revenue is donated to below carefully-selected, meaningful charity organizations.

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A gift of love is a joy forever!